FGEE organized an emergency evacuation exercise and safety raid

According to the general deployment, Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering (FGEE) organized an emergency evacuation exercise on May 12, 2017. As the general director, Yougang Fu (deputy party secretary of FGEE) scouted for the best evacuation route, predicted and noticed the congested spots before the exercise.

Fu and all the counselors also conducted a raid on student dormitories before the exercise, mainly inspected forbidden electric appliances and dormitory sanitary conditions. The dormitories locate in south were inspected, especially the freshmen’s, other grades’ dormitories were selected to do inspections.

Fu summarized the problems of student dormitories. First, many students left without cutting off electricity. Second, high-power electrical appliances were still used secretly. Third, some dormitories were such a mess that may be bad for residents’ health.

After the raid, counselors were all ready for the emergency evacuation exercise. University radio station broadcast precautions, then, at 4 p.m., alarm went off. After waiting for 10-20 seconds, students gradually evacuated to safety places. Then, firefighters from Xipu Fire Squadron showed students how to use fire extinguishers correctly.

Zhijian Chen, deputy party secretary of SWJTU, gave a speech at the end of exercise, said “it is useful to organize emergency practice for if something really happens, we are capable to calmly deal with it. Surely, this goal cannot be reached at once, so we should continue gaining experiences, make safety campaign systems better and improve self-rescue abilities.