A Welcome Party for New Students was Held Successfully in the Geosciences and Environmental Engineering School

On the evening of November 25th, the welcome party of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering  School was held successfully. This party is sponsored by the Youth League Committee of the School and undertaken by the Student Union. Secretary of CPC Wang Qirong, vice dean professor Hu, vice secretary of CPC Fuyougang etc. attended the party.

With the exciting opening music and energetic dance, the welcome party officially opened the prelude.


Professor Wang addressed the party and extended his warmest welcome to all students from the school of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering. Wang qirong expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the students who were admitted to SWJTU with excellent scores. He warned all the students that the university should not waste their time, but should enrich themselves with knowledge, use the green of youth to brew a rich autumn in the future, and wished the party tonight a complete success. He also brought the song "sentimental land", which makes the students add sense of affinity to this school. After that,


After that, the freshmen representing their different majors gave the performances on the platform. Every group had their best performance and all of them enjoy themselves.