Professor Hu Xiewen of Southwest Jiaotong University went to Liangshan, Aba geological disaster site to guide disaster relief work

June 23 around 3 am in the morning, sudden debris flow occurred in Huashan Township Construction Village 3 Group of Liangshan State Puge County, Sichuan province. June 24 around 6 am, sudden mountain high collapse occurred in Diexi town of Aba Mao County, Sichuan. The scale is nearly 18 million m³, which blocked the river channel about 2km. President Xi Jinping has made an important speech on the rescue work of the high mountain in the Xinmo village of Diexi Town, requiring full organization to search and rescue buried personnel, and minimizing casualties. Li Keqiang has given instructions on the rescue work. After the disaster occurred in both places, as the geological disaster rescure expert of Department of Land and Resources and vice dean of Faculty of Earth science and Environmental Engineering, Professor Hu Xiewen went to the scene the first time to guide the rescue and relief work.

At the invitation of the Department of Land and Resources of Sichuan Province, in the morning of June 23, he went to Puge County Huashan Township debris flow disaster site, analyzed the cause of debris flow formation and the mode of disaster, and exchanged opinions with local government on trend of disaster development, contingency measures and future disaster prevention plan.

Hu Xiewen at the debris flow site in Puge county

Hu Xiewen is meeting with the experts in the Diexi county.

Hu Xiewen, Ling Yueming (3rd from right) and Yang Dongsheng(5th from right) are investigation the landslide of Mao County

Hu Xiewen and Yin Li are discussing the measures for disaster relief.