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In 2010, SWJTU and OSU mutually settled on curriculum and credit validation and signed “2+2” undergraduate exchange agreement. About 10 students have taken part in this “2+2” exchange program so far. Furthermore, in 2016, on the basis of former cooperation between SWJTU and OSU, a cooperation agreement of joint declaration of Sino-foreign education program was signed.

A “double campus” model is set up within our program, that is, in the first 3 years, students study in SWJTU, while in the fourth year, they study in OSU. Education plan and training program are decided and implemented by the efforts of two schools. During the period in China, students are taught by Chinese and American professors in English or bilingual to complete majority educational and teaching activities, and during the period in USA, students get used to American campus life, learn some courses, improve their English-speaking and transnational social abilities, broaden their horizons and strengthen their international abilities.

Fire Protection Engineering of Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering was established in 2004 at SWJTU, which is the third domestic key university to set up this major and is the first university in the west of China qualified to award bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Currently, Fire Protection Engineering at SWJTU is in the second position comparing to it at other universities within the whole nation, and this major is chosen to be a part ofSichuan Province Excellent Engineering Education Training Plan. Besides, Urban Rail Transit (Fire Protection Engineering direction) is selected to be a part ofNational Excellent Engineering Education Training Plan.

Oklahoma State University was founded in 1890, Fire Protection and Safety Technology was established in 1937 and is the oldest Fire Protection class major in North America, also is the first Fire Protection major to be certified by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). This major is known as “the West Point in the field of Fire Protection”, reputable in global fire protection education and fire researches, and available the global only one Fire Science Professional Accreditation Committee.

Set-up major:Safety Engineering (undergraduate)

Training model:3+1 model, that is, 3 years in SWJTU, one year in OSU

Awarded degree:

qualified graduates will get the following certificates:

China: SWJTU undergraduate diploma, SWJTU bachelor’s degree certificate

USA: OSU diploma


SWJTU and OSU decide the education plan, training plan, courses and teaching contents together, the standard should be at least as the same academic level as that in OSU. The total curricula and core curricula provided by OSU and implemented in SWJTU should be at least one third of the whole curricula and core curricula of this program, and the total curricula and core curricula taught by excellent teachers who are hired by global open recruitment should be at least one third of the whole curricula and core curricula of this program.

Teaching method is mainly face-to-face teaching. Referring to required education systems of both sides, the first year education generally focuses on common courses, English intensive course and those basic courses of science and engineering majors. In the second and third years, teaching affairs should be comprehensively conducted according to the requirements of syllabus, practice training is emphasized, and experts are introduced to supervise the professional teaching. Every student can get the status as a student in both SWJTU and OSU, and according to the student management requirements of OSU, students must take an OSU online elective per year during their study period in China. After passing all the curriculum, students are qualified to study in OSU and work out their graduation thesis or project.