Dept. of Geological Eng

Education in geological engineering at SWJTU can be traced back to 1906, when the University (then located in Tangshan, named as Tangshan College of Railway and Mining) launched a degree programme in mining. In 1952, the University established a Geological Engineering Section in the Department of Railway Construction. In 1958, the University launched a degree programme in hydrogeology and engineering geology. In 1980, the University launched a geophysical exploration specialization. In 1983, geologic engineering and aerial survey were combined together to form the Department of Aerial Surveying and Engineering Geology. In 1991, Geological Engineering became an indepedent departments. In 1998, it joined the School of Civil Engineering. In 2010, the University was granted the right to offer PhD degrees in Geological Resources and Geological Engineering. During the 108-year development, the Department has cultivated many reputable scholars, such as Chinese Academician HE Jie, WANG Hongzhen, and YUAN Jianqin. Today, the Department of Geological Engineering has 32 academic staff members, including nine professors and eleven associate professors.

Major research areas are Geological hazards and prevention, Special geotechnical engineering, Rock mechanics and rock engineering, Regional geological stability, Geotechnical stability in engineering, and Applied geophysics.