Dept. of Surveying Eng

The surveying discipline has a history as long the University, which was established (named as Imperial Chinese Railway College) in 1896. Indeed, as many as three courses were offered in the degree programme of railway construction engineering in 1986. By 1939, the number of courses in surveying had been increased to a level of five, which formed a standalone system in railway construction engineering. In 1959, the University launched an aerial surveying specialization in the Department of Railway Construction. In 1974, the University launched a degree programme in Aerial Surveying and Railway Line Setting, which was transformed as Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in 1978. In 1991, the Department of Surveying Engineering was established. In 1998 it became a Department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and became a Department of Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering in 2010.

There are 22 academic staff members in the Department, including 6 Professors and 5 Associate Professors.

The major research interests are: Theory and Applications of Satellite Navigation and Positioning, Theory and Method of Modern Geodesy, Theory and Technology of Precise Engineering Surveying (including high-speed railway), Integration and Informatization of Engineering Surveying.