Department of Environmental Science and Engineering


To become a reputational and international research and teaching institution is a longstanding goal of the Department. The Department will put more effects on both teaching and research innovation, promote interdisciplinary study, and strengthen international collaboration.


The Department of Environmental Engineering (Southwest Jiaotong University) can be originally dated back to the Institute of Environmental Protection, established at 1984. The Department was integrated with Department of Surveying and Geology to form a Faculty as “Geosciences and Environmental Engineering” at 2011. There are three research areas of the Department, such as green transportation, environmental pollution control, environmental chemistry and monitoring, and environmental planning and management. Currently, there are 35 staffs served in this Department, including 9 Professors and 15 Associate Professors. The Department has been awarded by one Provincial/Ministry Second Prize of Technology Progress, five Third Prize of Technology Progress and ten other prizes, respectively. About 200 research projects related to wastewater, solid waste treatment etc., have been applied to engineering practice.


The teaching mainly focuses on helping candidate understand the basic principle of environmental engineering or science, whilst using appropriate measures for pollution prevention and to protect environment and reinforce sustainable development. Graduates can be capable to undertake such positions as planning, design, management, research and development etc, who can be employed by Government, and enterprises, research institutions, universities etc. The Department has established a completed education system from Bachelor degree to Doctorate degree, including BEng. Environmental Engineering, MSc. Environmental Science and Engineering, PhD. Municipal Engineering, PhD. Environment and Landscape. Thousands of candidates have been awarded by bachelors, masters or doctors degree and engaged in their satisfied jobs.