Multi-disciplinary research

We encourage multidisciplinary collaborations among academic staff members in the faculty, with other faculties/schools, and with other institutions. We also encourage close collaboration with the industry and government to ensure we are well poised to succeed in this rapidly changing society.

Current main areas of interdisciplinary research area are

· High-speed railway safety,

· Geological hazards monitoring and emergency response; and

· Smart city and urban security.

Research in Geomatic Engineering (Surveying and Mapping)

· Satellite positioning and navigation,

· Precision engineering survey for high-speed railway,

· Radar interferometry and its application in subsidence monitoring,

· laser scanning technology and its engineering application,

· Information extraction from high-resolution remote sensing images,

· Digital photogrammetry and its engineering application,

· Digital map generalization and dynamic maps,

· National geographic monitoring, and

· Digital city and digital transportation.

Research in Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

· Geological hazards and prevention,

· Special geotechnical engineering,

· Rock mechanics and rock engineering,

· Regional geological stability and geotechnical stability in engineering, and

· Ground penetration radar (GPR), and

· Applied geophysics.

Research in Environmental Science and Engineering

· Theories and technologies in green transportation,

· Water pollution control engineering,

· Environmental control in major construction project,

· Landfill waste treatment and recycling,

· Environmental monitoring,

· Air pollution sourcing technique,

· Environmental management and evaluation,

· Environmental ecology,

· Fire protection in construction and transportation, and

· Bioreactor for landfill waste