Bachelor Programs

Department of Fire Protection Engineering

Training objectives of fire engineering major

This program aims to cultivate professionals in fire protection engineering who own a spirit of patriotism, pursue excellence, have socialist core values and all-around development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor education. Graduates should not only have solid basic knowledge and professional skills, but also have a global horizon, scientific literacy and innovative spirit. They are qualified for works such as design and construction, inspection and maintenance of facilities or equipment, consulting and assessment, safety management, education and training and scientific research in fire protection or associated areas. They can become a senior engineering or management talent in the field of fire engineering in about five years.

Main Course

Fire Laws, Fire & Combustion, Smoke Control Engineering, Water Supply for Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Alarm System, Special Fire Extinguishing system, Performance-based Fire Engineering Design, Flame Retardant Technology, Electrical Fire Prevention Technology, Fire Risk and Insurance, Fire Incident Investigation, Enclosure Fire Dynamics, Structural Fire Protection Design, Project Budget for Fire Protection System, Industrial Fire Protection,Construction Technology and Management.

Training objectives of safety engineering

Cultivate patriotic, virtuous, science-advocating, excellence-striving,

well-developed (morally, intellectually and physically) talents with solid professional knowledge, strong engineering practice ability, international vision and innovative spirit, cross-cultural communication, capabilities of competition and cooperation, self-learning and constant knowledge updating skill at work. After graduation,

students can engage in the following fields: Safety planning and design, safety management, fire safety assessment, hazardous chemicals safety management, petrochemical safety assessment, fire accident investigation and analysis, safety education and training, occupation safety administration. They will work on planning, design, construction, project management, education and R&D in various government departments, design department, multinational groups, construction department, industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes, schools, etc.

Main Course

Thermodynamics、Elementary Statistics、Combustion、Intro to Speech Communication、Engineering Economic Analysis、Engineering Fluid Mechanics、Technical Writing、General Chemistry for Engineers、Engineering Design CAD、Differential Equations、Statics、Strength of Materials、Structures I、Emergency Management: Preparedness and Response、Safety Management、Human Factors in Accident Prevention or StructuresⅡ、Fire Suppression & Detection Systems、Fire Safety Hazards Recognition、Fluid Mechanics for Fire Protection、Fire Dynamics、Life Safety Analysis、Elements of Industrial Hygiene、System and Process Safety Analysis、Industrial Ventilation & Smoke Control、Design & Analysis of Sprinkler Systems、Industrial & Occupational Safety、Flame Retardant material.