Postgraduate Programs

Department of Fire Protection Engineering

Postgraduate training

Safety Engineering is empowered to cultivate both postgraduates and doctoral candidates (Civil Engineering Major with research in fire safety). We have developed a new talent-training mode, i.e., study and practice with the jointing effort of college and enterprise, and have long-standing relationships with a number of partners, e.g., Sichuan Fire Institute MEM, the Second Research Institute of CAAC, Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd, etc. We have 9 master supervisors, 2 doctoral supervisors and 2 off-campus supervisors. Around 50 master students and 4 PhD candidates are studying in our department. In the last five years, the students had published more than 50 manuscripts in journals or proceedings, of which 10 were cited by SCI index and 20 were cited by EI index. They were awarded 7 patents and have participated domestic and international conferences more than 20 person-times. After graduation, the students are in charge of management, consultation and training related to fire & safety in large-scale state-owned enterprises such as subway, airports, or transnational corporations, colleges and universities, government departments, etc.